Sana Zinga

Fashion Designer

Valenci’s story started back in October 2016, after I graduated with a 1st class degree in Fashion Design from the University of Central Lancashire. It was then I realised my passion to start my own business and established Sana Zinga Ltd.

Working from my granddad’s attic as a 21 year-old with no previous business experience, there was a huge learning curve. However, with hard work and perseverance, the results started to show as I successfully launched several collections under the Sana Zinga brand.

My passion was to provide high-quality garments with high end looks at affordable prices, and soon I experienced rapid online growth. As Sana Zinga Ltd kept growing I took the decision to expand and with that came a rebrand.

This gave birth to Valenci and a move to our very own studio. Valenci represents a new phase in our development. Valenci aims to create clothing that won’t be found elsewhere, that aims to make every girl comfortable. My aim is to have every girl feeling their best when wearing Valenci.

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