My Love for Fashion

My Love for Fashion

Hey Guys, Welcome to My blog and thank you for reading my first BLOGPOST.

I’m so excited to start this blog, where I can share behind the scenes information about my brand and give you more of an insight about me (Sana Zinga) creator and director of Valenci.

I always get asked questions about how I started my women’s clothing brand and how it all began. Below is an insight into my story and my love for fashion…

My interest in fashion started at a very young age. I used to invent and DIY different outfits and products from as long as I can remember. I then studied BTEC Fashion Design at High school and I absolutely LOVED IT. I never at that point saw my self having a fashion career, but saw my interest in designing clothes as a hobby. I’ve always wanted to be independent so whilst at high school I started a business where I would buy and sell shoes. Not just any shoes, they were unique and nothing you could find on the high street. I would advertise on my Instagram and people were LOVING THEM. So I guess I gained enterprise skills from way back. I went on to college and studied A-LEVEL Math, Business, Chemistry & Biology.

During the summer, after I finished my A-Levels and before I started university, a lot had happened and our family had suffered the loss of my beautiful Grandma. Since the trauma, I really wasn’t feeling myself. I went to university and started my degree in Pharmacy. In the back of my mind, I didn’t feel happy. I couldn’t see myself being happy being a Pharmacist for the rest of my life. I just knew it wasn’t for me. I remember talking to my childhood friend and discussing how I was feeling. I said to her what if I leave pharmacy and study FASHION?!! She said YES go for it. We rang the fashion department straight away. Amazingly I passed my interview and I started my studies in Fashion.

Moving 3 years on, I graduated with a 1st class BA(HONS) Fashion Design, alongside being chosen to showcase my collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2016. I felt a huge sense of achievement and I had finally got where I wanted to be. For any of you that study fashion, I opted out of a placement year, but I would recommend doing a placement as it will broaden your skillset for your final year of university.

In the summer of 2016, I was more active on Instagram. I would spend my whole day making a garment from my grandparents’ attic, post a picture on my page and instantly someone would want to buy it. I did this every day for a period of around 4 months. I remember someone messaged me and wanted to buy whatever I was making that day without seeing a design or a physical garment. I was so shocked by this and I finally started to see the potential in myself. Eventually, I had a website set up and sold my first ever full collection online under the label Sana Zinga. It was a complete SELL OUT! I continued to sell garments online. My Instagram following was steadily growing. My grandparents’ attic was getting cramped and working from there was getting more and more difficult with the lack of space I had. Me and my husband would sit on the floor and cut fabric all day. A few months on I moved into my first office in a town called Blackburn, just having a cutting table was a dream and having my own space. It was a step forward (although I do miss having a cuppa with my grandad every day).

A year into the business, and after a lot of consideration, I decided to start a new brand. I never intended to have another brand under my name. However, as SANA ZINGA grew more and more, I felt the courage to create new and fresh content which became VALENCI. SANA ZINGA has not disappeared, in fact, it is the creator of so much more to come.

Credit to Nasir (the hubby) who came up with VALENCI. We called all of our friends and they all loved it! So here we are the start of our new brand Valenci.

Sana Zinga


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  1. Aliyah

    Congratulations on your achievements, may you have many more to come ❤x

  2. Shahla

    Your story is truly inspirational! Alhamdullilah for everything, fashion is truly your calling. Your drive for your brand and your worth ethic is unbelievable, such a hard worker from such a young age mashaAllah. May your career grow from strength to strength

  3. Tatiana

    Well done with everything…such an inspiration ❤❤

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